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Berkshire Pork
The Berkshire breed has been revered for its outstanding quality, texture and flavor for over 300.years. Originating in England, the pure breed has been known to produce tender, dark, juicy meat with high marbling.

Studies have concluded that Berkshire pigs top all other breeds in such categories as meat marbling, moisture, and tenderness. It reminds you of what pork used to taste like, sweet and succulent, before producers focused their efforts on hog breeds that produce the very lean but flavorless pork featured in supermarkets today. Unlike most supermarket pork that is “water injected” to try to overcome the inherent dryness, the natural marbling in Berkshire provides the moisture itself. This compliments the rich and distinctive flavor profile of the meat to naturally produce a result that is both flavorful and tender with a low drip loss while cooking.

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Berkshires are also known for being able to cope well with the natural environment. For example, in the winter, they grow a longer and thicker coat of hair so combined with their naturally thicker skin keeps them warm,

Broek Pork Berkshires, are not force fed and are raised in a relaxed and natural environment. Careful long term growing of the Berkshires ensures high quality meat, enhanced marbling and fully finished animals.

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