Cured & Apple wood Smoked  Pork Leg On Tallegio Polenta and Braised Arugula

beer pork

“As a chef in Calgary for over 10 years I am encouraged by the passion and commitment that Broek Pork Acres  and the Vanden Broek family bring to the local dining scene. Their Berkshire hogs and are full flavor and raised with an integrity that you can taste. We are thankful for family farms.”


John Donovan
Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro




Knowing the ingredients I use and the people I get them from is very important to me.  We have many exciting things going on in small scale, sustainable agriculture in Alberta and the Vandenbroeks are leaders in hog farming.

The way an animal tastes on the plate is greatly affected by the way it is raised and treated.  At Broek Pork Acres they start with a great breed like the Berkshire and then give it the best possible environment to thrive in.  The result is succulent pork full of flavour.

Our catering was selling very little pork until the Vandenbroeks came along.  During a farm tour they introduced me to the Berkshire breed and we started to include it on menus right away.  The demand has grown to a point where we can regularly order a whole hog and sell it in both our businesses.  People have rediscovered just how good pork can taste when it raised by people who care about the animals and the customer without any compromises.

Wade Sirois
infuse cuisine group ltd


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