Vanden Broek Family

Our Family
We were married in 1990, have been blessed with 9 children, and now 2 grandchildren and enjoy the farming lifestyle. Having our children helping along is an important link in the success of our direct marketing family farm.

Our History
Coming from a farming background in the Lethbridge area, we started farming in 1994. Since the spring of 2005, we have been marketing directly to customers to provide them with a fresher quality product.




broek pork script

Our Philosophy
From Pasture to plate, our family strives for quality and freshness. Our hands on approach provides you with a superior and nutritious product. We are excited about how we farm and enjoy raising our ‘value added pork’ in Southern Alberta. We grow grain and hay for feed, raise our own hogs, process the meat and market our own products. 

broek pork farm

We have our own provincially inspected processing facility on the farm where we are able to cut, process, and package our product ensuring that the quality control is there as well.