Berkshire Pork

What is Berkshire Pork?

Berkshire pork comes from a rare breed of pig that originated in the southeastern English county of Berkshire. It has been revered for its outstanding quality, texture and flavor for over 300 years. This pure breed has been known to produce tender, dark, juicy meat with high marbling.

How is it different?

Studies have concluded that Berkshire pigs top most other breeds in such categories as meat marbling, moisture, and tenderness. Berkshire reminds you of what pork used to taste like; sweet and succulent.

In contrast to other breeds, the higher fat content and fine marbling of a Berkshire, compliments the rich and distinctive flavor profile of the meat to naturally produce a result that is both flavorful and tender. 


The moisture retention capacity of Berkshire meat exceeds that of regular pork; hence it is known for its low drip loss. 

The Berkshire Hardiness

The Berkshire pig is a very hardy animal and loves being outside. Even in the winter while there is a lot of snow on the ground, the pigs are out and about, playing and rooting through the snow.

"The Heritage Breed, black pig"

Try it and love it, the most flavorful pork with a wonderful sweetness!