How Our Pigs Are Raised

Quality rather than Quantity

Our Heritage Breed Berkshire Hogs are a more expensive breed with outstanding quality, texture and flavor. They are given a free choice of feed and raised in a relaxed and natural environment. 

Free Range

As soon as our pigglets are a couple months old, they are allowed outside. They enjoy eating the grass and rooting around in the dirt. When raised on pasture with fresh air and sunshine the pigs grow up strong and healthy.

Naturally Raised

  • Without unnecessary antibiotics
  • Without growth stimulants
  • Without animal by products
  • Natural, non-GMO feed ingredients

From Processing to Your Plate

Pasture to Plate

We raise our hogs naturally, and rent a provincially inspected slaughter facility in order to ensure that we are providing a quality product in a humane environment. We do the processing in our own provincially inspected processing facility back on the farm, once again, ensuring that the quality of all our product can be guaranteed by our own hands.

A Healthy Product

Pork qualifies as an excellent source of protein, zinc, the best dietary source of thiamine(vitB1). Our product as has...

  • No MSG
  • No GMO ingredients added
  • No Fillers and Binders
  • No added water
  • Gluten Free

*All our meat is provincially inspected and sold in Alberta

Gluten Free

Our pork is processed in a 100% gluten free facility with gluten free ingredients so we can ensure that our customers are receiving a product safe for them and their family.

Our Specialty Line

Ask about our specialty line customized to suit your needs.

  • Nitrite Free Product
  • Low Salt Sausage
  • Sugar Free Hams, Bacon and Sausage